Overnight Retinol Repair

The one ingredient that is still THE powerhouse as far as age reversal goes is Retinol. 

An active form of Retinol is capable of communicating with your skin cells, telling them to behave like more normal, younger, healthier skin cells.  Retinol commands your skin to produce more collagen and actually decrease the breakdown of existing collagen, resulting in firmer skin which is more even in texture. Retinol also helps to drive skin cell turnover, which slows drastically as we age, meaning that healthier skin cells migrate to the surface of the skin more quickly than they otherwise would. This promotes a smoother skin surface and a more even skin colour. 

Not all forms of Retinol are equal.  There are many product formulations on the market with Retinol on their list of ingredients, however in order to achieve its amazing results, it needs to be in an active, stable form.

Dermalogica’s Overnight Retinol Repair uses a micro-encapsulated form of Retinol, meaning the precious, highly reactive ingredient is protected so that it reaches your skin cells with maximum potency. 

To further super-charge Overnight Retinol Repair, firming peptides have been included in its formulation, antioxidant Vitamin C and a copper amino acid complex which has been proven to help to build a firmer skin structure.

As Retinol is a highly active ingredient, Overnight Retinol Repair comes with a buffer cream so that you are able to customise your dose as your skin acclimatises to this skin-changing treatment.  Graduate from Dermalogica’s 0.5% formulation to 1% active Retinol and see your skin transform!