What's the difference between Antiperspirants and Natural Deodorants?

Written by our friends at Ultrella 


With Antiperspirants, the clue is in the name: they’re anti-perspirant, meaning they are designed to stop you sweating. On the other hand, Natural Deodorants allow you to sweat, but they mop up the sweat once it gets to the surface. 

Antiperspirants typically use an aluminium (or aluminum if you’re in the US) compound to stop you sweating. To be more specific, your body will sweat, but the aluminium creates a plug on your sweat glands and this stops the sweat from reaching the skin’s surface. Rather it recirculates within your system.  

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty here. The human body is an amazing thing. Over thousands of years it has been cleverly designed to eliminate waste as effectively as possible, via urine, poo and sweat.  

The body sweats when it is hot, when you’ve been exercising and it also sweats when you’re nervous/excited/scared/insert any major emotion. Sweating is a vital bodily process and it seems kind of creepy to want to stop your body from doing this. 

Look at it this way. Would you take a pill to stop you having to go to the toilet? You wouldn’t think of it, would you. So why would you consider putting a product on your body that stops you from sweating?? 

In contrast, natural deodorants allow your body to sweat and then they use plant and mineral powders to mop up the sweat once it hits your skin’s surface. 

Often natural deodorants get a bad rap. Let’s be honest here, often they don’t work as well as they say they will. Also, if you’ve been using an antiperspirant for years (even decades) it can be a big adjustment to get your head around sweating again. There’s a big mental shift to deal with there.  

Ultrella Natural Deodorants are kind of in the middle, between Antiperspirants and traditional Natural Deodorants. This is because our deodorants do better than mop up the sweat. They go one step better and actually reduce the amount you sweat. We use a plant extract, IBR-Snowflake®, to get these results. In trials undertaken by the ingredient manufacturer, they found that after 7 days of morning and evening applications, the test group saw an average reduction in sweat production of over a third (36% to be precise). 

Why do we use it? Well, people kept telling us that they wanted to use natural deodorant but were fearful of having issues with sweat and B.O. (No one wants to be the sweaty one in their office!!!) Also, I was reacting to everything with baking soda in it, and I knew that so many other people were too.  

So our goal was to create a natural product that was so good, it would stand its own against its more chemically laden competitors. To do that we had to think outside the square. Normally this ingredient is used in facial creams as a skin tightening ingredient because of its similarities to Botox. People also inject Botox into their armpits to control heavy sweating issues.  

At the end of the day, we have enough stuff going on in our lives. We deserve to have access to  natural products that work with our bodies, that make us feel amazing and that help us turn up every day being the best, most kick-ass versions of ourselves.  

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If you’re completely new to natural deodorants, I recommend you start with our CalmPits Detox Mask. It will make your transition to natural as easy as A-B-C. 




By Ultrella