Dry skin may have a hereditary component, but there are various other factors that can worsen it. A diet low in fats can lead to increased dryness, as can insufficient water intake and excessive exposure to UV rays. Improper skincare practices and a deficiency in essential fatty acids can also contribute to dry skin. Additionally, skin may become stressed and inflamed due to internal or hereditary factors, external influences like reactions to certain products, topical steroid use, post-laser treatments, or surgery, as well as certain medical conditions like eczema or asthma. Furthermore, as you age, your skin tends to become more sensitive.

Below is a list of our most recommended treatments for dry, sensitive, eczema skin:


Dermalogica Pro Calm

30-min $140 | 60-min $230

This treatment targets all sensitive skin conditions. Soothing botanical actives provide relief while lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage help to calm a stressed nervous system. Visibly calms skin and reduces redness, leaves skin feeling softer, balances and hydrates. 

Optional add-ons

Power Up $50

Add an additional technological enhancement (Microcurrent, Hydradermabrasion,Contour Mask or LED light therapy)  to your 30 or 60-minute treatment to intensify results.

Super Charge $80

Super-Charge your Pro Calm 60-minute skin treatment by including an additional 2 enhancements (MicrocurrentLEDHydrodermabrasion or Contour Masque). Glow Baby, Glow!  

Single LED Light Therapy Treatment

30-min $90

Experience the rejuvenating power of gentle, natural, wavelength-specific light therapy that promotes healing, detoxification, hydration, and stimulates collagen production in just 30 minutes. 

Biologi Skin Treatment

30-min $79

Restore your glow with this nourishing and soothing express Biologi skin treatment which uses 100% active, plant phyto-nutrients, including purely natural Vitamin C. You can also choose to elevate your glow by adding on LED for an additional $30.


60-min $250

This 60-minute treatment incorporates the intraceuticals oxygen machine followed by the MediLUX LED light to hydrate, repair, rejuvenate and heal. Our Oxygen boost is a skin quenching treatment that provides the ultimate in intense hydration. Designed to lift, tone and hydrate the skin. Like all our treatments, this will be customised based on your skin’s unique needs to feature two options of LED light that suit you top skin concerns. These include Rosacea, acne, an impaired barrier, stressed skin, eczema and dermatitis.