Spring clean your regime

At times such as these it helps to see positives.  Enjoy a break from your daily commute, take advantage of time to really connect with loved ones and actually create those yummy recipes you’ve had stored on your phone forever.  Yes, it’s the perfect time to tick those jobs off the list that seems to be impossible to get to amidst the usual daily grind.


One task that certainly has a place on that list is a good old spring clean of your skincare regime.  After a proper stock take of your bathroom cupboard, how many bottles and tubes would you be able to line up?  10? 20? 30??  You’d be surprised at what’s lurking in there!  So of course, no one needs all of that going on so here’s how to simplify your skincare;


The easiest way to start streamlining your regime is to look at dates and ditch accordingly.  If unopened, unless an expiry date is specified on the packaging, we recommend keeping a product for no longer than 3 years.  Products with certain ingredients will have a much shorter shelf-life and once their expiry date has passed they can become not only ineffective but also harmful to the skin, so this is well worth checking.  Once a product has been opened, there will be a specific period of time that it should be used up by or gotten rid of.  This is usually indicated by a symbol on the packaging which looks like an open lid with a displayed timeframe, so look out for this too.  If you can’t see this indication on the packaging, then go by your senses; does it smell ‘off’?  Has it changed colour?  Consistency?  If an any doubt, do not let it near your face!


Thanks to skin changes, uneducated impulse-buys and misguided gifting, we can easily accumulate an array of products that simply will not do our skin any good.  Perhaps you’re holding onto a lightweight moisturizing lotion that doesn’t give you nearly enough hydration, although it had in the past.  You might possess a certain serum that sadly stings your skin whenever you attempt to apply it.  Skin just does not enjoy inflammation, (in fact, consistent inflammation can encourage premature ageing!) so there’s no benefit in keeping such purchases.  That mud masque your well-meaning friend bought you that only serves to suck precious moisture from your drier skin?  Bin it or set aside as a re-gift for someone who may find it suits them better. 


So how many products does one actually need to maintain great skin?  We recommend two cleansers; an oil-based cleanser such as Dermalogica’s Precleanse to use as a first cleanse which will liquify and dissolve makeup and excess debris and a second prescribed cleanser to further cleanse and treat your skin.  An exfoliant is a must, either a mechanical or chemical/enzymatic option, again, chosen based on your particular skin type and concerns.  If unsure consider the following; mechanical exfoliants (i.e scrubs) really suit a stronger or more thickened skin without sensitivity or breakouts.  Other skins may find a chemical/enzymatic exfoliant to be much more beneficial and kinder to their skin.  Serums are real powerhouses as far as results go, with concentrated actives in their formulations and the ability to penetrate the skin particularly well.  You may choose to have more than one of these in your skincare suite, enabling you to tackle more than one skin concern.  For example, someone with hormonal breakouts can opt to use Dermalogica’s Age Bright Clearing Serum underneath their moisturizer when they are faced with annoying spots and at other times turn to Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Booster serum to give a deep, effective surge of hydration.  As a night-time option, a fantastic serum to reach for is Dermalogica’s Overnight Retinol Repair with its second-to-none age-reversing effect on the skin.  Two moisturizers are generally all that’s needed.  For daytime use, choose one that feels comfortable on your skin, not too heavy yet hydrating enough for you.  To keep things super-simple, opt for one with an SPF built into its formulation to keep you protected from UV rays all year round.  Your daytime moisturizer should ideally be enhanced with antioxidants too in order to provide extra protection from the elements.  At night, you may want to treat your skin to something a little richer to really up your hydration levels overnight with a beautifully nourishing product like Dermalogica’s Super Rich repair, a popular pm choice.  The one product you absolutely cannot forgo is a great SPF product as unprotected sun exposure is hands-down the most damaging thing for our skin.  Here, you may want two variations; one for everyday use and one for days when we’re at the beach or in and out of the pool, when a heavier, water-resistant option is needed.  Find an SPF that you enjoy wearing as well as on that gives you adequate protection.  If chemical variations irritate and sting your skin, go for a product which uses physical sunscreen agents only, such as Dermalogica’s Invisible Physical Defense.  Again, be super-mindful of expiry dates here to ensure you indeed are being protected as many SPF products can become ineffective after being open for as little as 6 months.


Follow these guidelines and enjoy a streamlined skincare line-up, happier skin and extra cupboard space!