Learn about Invisible Physical Defense

This is what you’ve been waiting for!

Introducing Dermalogica’s new Invisible Physical Defense, a chemical-free sunscreen that is truly invisible – no white residue here!

While chemical sunscreens absorb and then scatter the sun’s harsh rays, physical sunscreens (often called sunblocks) use mineral agents such as Zinc Oxide to actually create a physical barrier between our skin and the sun. 

Unfortunately, chemical sunscreens can be a potential irritant for certain skins, whereas physical sunscreen agents very rarely present this concern, in fact, Zinc Oxide, which is a common physical sunscreen agent, can actually have a calming effect on skin.

For many of us, a sensitive or sensitised skin means that chemical sunscreens can sting and irritate, making these options a no-go.  Until now, this has meant instead using a physical block which gave great UV protection but unfortunately a ghostly white hue to go along with it!

This common dilemma inspired Dermalogica to create Invisible Physical Defense, a hydrating, soothing formulation using an ultra-sheer version of Zinc Oxide that will be your unseen hero in fighting off not only those damaging UV rays but also blue light which is emitted from sources such as your computer screen and has been shown to break down collagen in our skin.  To further guard your skin, Matcha Green Tea has been added to give powerful antioxidant protection.

Dermalogica’s Invisible Physical Defense a game-changing innovation in environmental protection!