Samantha Commins


Samantha is born and breed in Wellington, she is a dog mum to Jaws and new mum to her baby boy Archie! Her love for meeting different sorts of people and making them feel amazing led her to train as a skin therapist 10 years ago, since then she’s worked hard to gain Dermalogica Expert status – testiment to her dedication to post graduate training. Samantha is passionate about getting results you can see on your skin.

Results driven • Experienced • Knowledgeable

Results driven approach to treatments with medium to firm massage pressure


A few glowing reviews

“I’ve been visiting Sam at Skintopia for almost 8 years. The care and knowledge Sam has for her clients and her treatment recommendations have been vital in getting my skin clear, glowing and scar free. Skintopia is not just a little haven of relaxation in the city but a spa where their specialists can tailor treatments specific to your needs.”
- Elle
“I’ve been a client at Skintopia for many years and can say without a doubt the services offered are the best. The quality of treatment provided is of a high standard, but at the same time they are quick and efficient which enables me to get to appointments between work and other life commitments. The best part? The staff. They are the most welcoming, caring and accommodating people (I’ve been very fortunate to be looked after by the lovely Sam and Kirstie). The number of times I’ve arrived late, forgotten appointments, or had to change them last has never been a problem.”
- Kara
"Sam is just a superb person, as well as being a fantastic masseuse!"
- Terrance
"It's the friendless of my therapist (Sam) and staff. Love the tips. Salon looks smart, treatments is a lovely escape for half an hour."
- Donna
"Sam is the perfect combination of friendly, professional and capable. I now work further away but the extra walk is worth it to keep seeing Sam."
- Amanda
I love Sam! She's just so friendly and makes me feel so comfortable.
- Fiona
Melting Moisture Masque Melting Moisture Masque

Melting Moisture Masque

My Favourite Product Is:
I love the Melting Moisture Masque, my skin has been feeling particularly dry so i've been using the mask 2-3 times a week and it feels amazing - I always wake up with super soft skin that feels hydrated.