Pauline Uon

Pauline, born in Auckland, embarked on her beauty and skincare journey with passion. As a dedicated pet mom to Astro and Kiki, she finds joy in gardening, baking, and experimenting with spicy foods during her days off. She cherishes spending time with her husband, family, and friends. Having recently transitioned from a makeup artist to a skin therapist, Pauline now focuses on educating others about skincare and maintaining optimal skin health. Her fascination with the science and technology behind skin health drives her, and she finds immense satisfaction in witnessing the positive transformations of her clients. The gap in skincare knowledge she noticed as a makeup artist motivated her to delve deeper into beauty therapy, enabling her to share her expertise and help others achieve their best skin.

"I love seeing the before and after of a skin transformation and noticing the positive changes to the skin."

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