Chelsea Karl

Commercial Bay
Battling with her own skin sparked Chelsea's interest in investigating the right ingredients and treatments to reach individual skin goals.
Treating skin since 2010 she has worked in both the cosmetic and appearance medicine industries previously with a priority of coaching her clients how to care for their skin. Her belief is knowledge is power and also has a business management degree in sustainable enterprise.

Informative treatment style with a firm massage pressure


A few glowing reviews

Wow - so impressed. Friendly knowledgeable staff, great range of products, beautiful space and most skin has never felt better. Thanks Chelsea @ Skintopia Commercial Bay!
- Tyler
"How helpful Chelsea was and the fact she didn’t push selling me products she cared more about helping me solve my skin issues."
- Natalie
"Service was excellent and everyone was very friendly. Chelsea suggestions for products worked well and great treatment plan."
- Shenali
"My specialist worked with me to create a skincare routine that suits me and I can manage. I feel in control and empowered to give it a try."
- Jennifer
MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque

MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque

My Favourite Product Is:
“I'll take all the vitamins i can get and it makes my skin glow.”