Pro Power Peel

When it comes to healthy-looking skin, texture is everything.

As we age, our skin cell turnover rate slows drastically, resulting in fine lines, pigmentation and a thickened-looking skin.  Ineffective natural exfoliation can also result in congestion and acne. 

How do we effectively speed our skin’s renewal rate?  Chemical peels!

We understand that the term ‘Chemical Peel’ can conjure up daunting images of very red, weeping and even scabbed skin but fear not, Dermalogica’s cutting-edge technology means exactly the right balance between results and skin-health.

Dermalogica have created Pro Power Peels, their strongest and fastest peel to date.  While they are powerful enough to create real change in the skin by accelerating skin cell turnover, they won’t leave your skin damaged in any way either and there is no down-time involved.

True to Dermalogica’s belief in making all treatments customisable, the revolutionary Pro Power Peel system offers a system of peels with a range of peeling ingredients to choose from depending on what your skin’s needs are along with other targeted ingredients, because we are all unique.

A skin dealing with pigmentation after a good dose of summer sun can see visible results from Dermalogica’s Ultrabright Peel, with a powerful combination of Lactic and Phytic Acid to help to rid the skin of discoloured surface skin cells.  Added to this clever formula are effective botanicals such as Tangerine Peel and Grape Juice Extract to further enhance its brightening capabilities.

If you’re struggling with breakouts and/or congestion, your Dermalogica therapist may choose to treat your skin with a Power Clear Peel which contains Salicylic, Malic and Mandelic acids, a targeted trio of exfoliating agents selected especially for their decongesting properties.

Our therapists can even mix and match peels in a single treatment depending on what each area of your skin requires.  Now we’re talking real results tailor-made just for you!