Staying well during the cooler months

When it comes to ills and chills, we think the best approach is prevention. No one likes to get sick and there’s never a good time to be out of commission for a few days so, we think, that supporting our body’s immunity not only gives us the best chance of avoiding too many duvet days, but also finds life boosted with vitality and energy. 

And, speaking of energy, immunity is so much more than preventing and recovering from colds. Our immune system protects us every day and when it’s not able to do its job, it can lead to things like:

  • Skin inflammation
  • Fatigue; and
  • Gut and digestion issues


So, how can we give ourselves the best chance of staying well as we head into the cooler months? As always, we start with nutrition.

When we consciously include immune-loving nutrients in our diet, we can notice not only fewer runny and sneezing noses, but also more vim & vigour, and maybe even feeling more comfortable in our skin overall because our immune system is at the root of so much of our health. 


Our favourite nutrients for immunity (and the reasons we love them) are:

Vitamin C: This one is probably no surprise to you! Vitamin C is an all-time favourite for its antioxidant properties and support of multiple cellular functions - including, notably, protecting the body against disease. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient which means the body can’t produce or store it so including it in your diet is the only way to get it. 

But, once it’s in the body, because of its antioxidant properties, it neutralises things called ‘free radicals’ which can cause inflammation. If you’ve ever noticed vitamin C in skincare, that’s because antioxidants are great for the health and appearance of our skin which can often be marred by inflammation - another immune response - and it works to support the skin barrier, preventing toxins from getting in.

Vitamin C is crucial in preventing sniffles and coughs because it gives our cells the fuel they need to fight off bugs that can enter our system from, say, being around someone who is ill. It’s also been shown to reduce the length of time that we are sick with common bugs, so taking it after you start to feel unwell is still hugely beneficial. 


Zinc: Zinc is one of the most important minerals in the human body. It’s required for over 200 enzymatic reactions so, without enough of it, things like digestion, detox, or the creation of energy is much much slower. Studies have shown that when we are zinc deficient, we have an increased susceptibility to pathogens. 

LIke vitamin C, zinc is an important player when it comes to our skin barrier which, in some instances, is our first line of defence against nasties. 

It’s also crucial in allowing the body to make normal, healthy cells, as well as allowing those cells to replicate. It’s no secret, then, that when it comes to immunity, we want sufficient levels of zinc in the body! 


Vitamin D: Although it’s known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is actually a hormone! In the summer we find it easier to keep levels of it high as our body produces more of it when exposed to the sun. But, since sunscreen makes that harder, it’s a good idea to supplement your diet with it even in warmer months and especially in cooler ones especially since, traditionally, these months are when ills and chills find us.

Vitamin D is a double threat because it is anti-inflammatory and promotes an immune response. It does this by improving how well our immune cells work at fighting off unhealthy invaders. Plus, not only is it great for immunity but it’s said to support a happy mood which, in winter, a lot of people need a helping hand with. 

At BePure, we’ve grouped these three immune-loving ingredients together in our new limited edition Immunity Essentials Kit. SuperBoost C is a soluble powder that, when mixed into water, makes a delicious drink, plus our customer-favourite Zinc Restore is 60 capsules of easily-absorbed, high quality zinc. Plus Vit D Restore has added vitamin K2 for even better heart and bone health.

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