Smile Makers : The Sexual Wellness Movement is Here

Introducing Smile Makers to Skintopia!

Smile Makers are on a mission to normalise the perception of female sexuality by creating a global movement - empowering women, creating high quality products designed FOR women & delivering sexual wellness education all over the world.

Launched in 2013, but thought up back in 2002, Smile Makers aims to right the wrongs of  unpleasant experiences when shopping for sexual wellbeing products and is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of tasteless, offensive and unappealing sexual wellbeing products that still don’t seem to address the opinions, needs or desires of women. The idea was simple – a trusted and open adviser for sexual awareness and education with the best product experience, a brand that women love and sold in everyday environments where women love to shop already, never in sex shops. 

“Smile Makers was started after our founders walked into a sex shop and found the whole shopping experience, branding and packaging quite vulgar and disrespectful to women,” says Cécile Gasnault, marketing director of the brand and creator of its Vulva Talks. “Even today, you think of a vibrator and the first thing that springs to mind is the big, phallic shape.” Conscious of a huge untapped market – more women in the UK own a vibrator than own a dishwasher – the Smile Makers team got to work on creating a brand that would open up the conversation around female sexuality, make it fun, and challenge the idea that female pleasure should revolve around a male perspective on what it might look like. 

My aim was to create a brand sold in mainstream retail, focusing on beauty and health stores, to send a strong message that sexual pleasure is important for overall wellbeing, a fact that has been scientifically documented in studies,” says Gasnault. From releasing a cocktail of hormones in the body that boost the mood and reduce cortisol levels, to alleviating pain and enhancing sleep, the benefits of self-pleasure are numerous – and within easy reach. All that’s required is knowledge of your own body. “We’ve also found that when a woman is comfortable enough with herself to own a vibrator and masturbate, she is usually better at vulva and breast check-ups too, so really it’s better for our overall health,” Gasnault points out. It’s also worth noting that studies have found a positive correlation between self-pleasure and improved immunity, too.

It’s undeniable that taking the time to connect with ourselves, our bodies and what we like and don’t like is as empowering as it is calming, and adding little moments of pleasure to our day – whether via a crafting project or a vibrator – can only be a good thing, especially when times are tough. Gasnault also compares masturbation and orgasm to a moment of meditation: “When you experience sexual pleasure, you’re really present in the moment – it brings you back to yourself.”


What do vibrators & skincare have in common?

Just as we take care of what we put on our skin, we should also be concerned with what we are using on the most intimate part of our bodies. Smile Makers lubricants use only clean ingredients. Perfume-free, paraben-free and with soothing plant extracts, these vegan lubricants are formulated with your body's safety in mind. Lubricants also protect against uncomfortable friction on the skin. 


Meet the vibrators ♥⁠

The Fireman - Unique clit vibrator 

The Frenchman - Evolved tongue vibrator

The Tennis Coach - Gentle G spot vibrator

The Millionaire - Iconic vibrator 

The Surfer - Powerful bullet vibrator

The Romantic - Sensuous internal vibrator 

The Ballerina  - Human touch texture vibrator 


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