Meet Laura Duggan

Introducing the newest Skin Therapist to our Commercial Bay team, meet Laura! Laura is an advanced skin therapist with 10 years of experience within the industry, and has spent the last 5 years growing her knowledge & specialising in skin conditions. Laura has a true love for people and is passionate about achieving results using a holistic approach; focusing on potent ingredients, internal supplement support & working on the energetic levels in the body.
⁠Laura has recently been awarded runner-up in Denizen's Best Facialist in Auckland, (as voted by the public) so you can be assured that you are in good hands when you book a treatment with Laura.

Introductory offer: Book any skin treatment with Laura in July and take home your skincare recommendation in Dermalogica minis to start your home care journey. Plus! Receive your second treatment with Laura half price! 

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Find out more about Laura - what her top skin tips are, her beauty hacks and what Skintopia treatment is below!

What is your favourite beauty hack/product?  

Breath-work! In today’s world it is so easy to be disconnect and unaware of our breathing during the day. Studies show we tend to use 30% of our lung capacity. When you start to add a breathing practice into your daily routine you can open your lungs and breath at 100% lung capacity! The glow is next level, not to mention the immune boost, stress reduction and anxiety release! I studied my breath work at the art of living foundation 

Top tip for optimum Winter skin?

As cold as it gets it’s so important not to turn the hot water higher in winter! It stresses the skin and the capillary walls can become laxer which can lead to facial redness not to mention its even harder to get out of the shower after!! Keep to a lukewarm shower all year around.

Favourite natural health product that supports healthy skin?

Omegas! Essential fatty acids are crucial for our skin function and having the right amount of good oil for our skin to feed from is key to having a healthy oil flow and having that glow all year round. I love the BePure Omegas or a vegan alternative is Omega Elixir from Beauty Chef

Favourite Skintopia treatment?

OxyGlow treatment for sure!! It incorporates a low weight hyaluronic acid infused with oxygen, followed by a LED light treatment! The results straight after is plump, hydrated glowing skin. Having a course of them shows incredible improvements in the skin hydration levels. Great for all skin types, especially dehydrated! The oxygen delivery system is cooling and calming on the skin. It helps oxidise any bacteria while increases blood circulation.

Tell us something interesting / fun fact about you?

I secretly love Disney, all of my pajamas are of Disney characters