Inspiration Series : Emma Peters of Aleph

Welcome to the fourth instalment of our Inspiration Series. Today we meet Emma Peters, the founder of makeup brand Aleph. 

Tell us about the Ethos around Aleph.
Conscious choice is at the heart of the Aleph Beauty ethos and underpins everything we do. People, planet and animals are the filters through which all business decisions are made, with the promise to do no harm. We are passionate about inspiring people to make conscious choices and believe that sustainability should be the new norm. 

Aleph is redefining beauty and giving consumers a no-compromise choice when it comes to makeup and skincare. Sustainable, cruelty-free, high-performance beauty that is quick and easy to use, empowering the creativity and confidence of the wearer.

Daily rituals to balance work life and home life.
I would love to have the perfect answer for this, but at this stage in the business, I don’t take much time off work. However, I do wake up two hours before my family for my morning ritual of light therapy, meditation and exercise. This gives me a daily boost and a sense of connection.

What inspired you to create Aleph.

After working in the industry as a professional makeup artist for over 20 years, I became acutely aware that the products I was using on clients, and myself, contained potentially health-damaging ingredients. Although some products met my value criteria, I could never find something that lived up to my expectations of sustainable, cruelty-free beauty while still performing at the same standard of traditional makeup.

I set out to create a makeup range that ticked all the boxes of a conscious lifestyle while allowing you to feel like the best version of yourself.

Ultimately, people want to look and feel amazing, without it taking a lot of time and without harming themselves or the planet in the process. In the past, compromises had to be made to achieve just one or two of these points, but Aleph aims to make it quick and easy to use and choose.

Aleph allows the consumer to own less and waste less, bringing minimalism into a beauty world that can be overwhelming. Aleph brings fun and creativity back into everyday makeup and gives people the empowerment to own their natural beauty.

Advice for other entrepreneurial women out there wanting to start their own business?
Stick with it as the road will be long, and at times, gruelling. Set out to produce products that people will love, don’t cut corners for the sake of time or money and be able to stealthily pivot when needed. If you adopt the mindset that there is no option other than success, then anything is achievable.

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