Essential Tips for Mask Wearing

Be Conscious of Your Mask Material.  

Will the material of your mask influence your skin? Yes. Silk masks are now known as a Skincare product in this new generation. Using a 100% Silk Mask will help to prevent breakouts, rashes, and other skin problems occurring due to the heat and friction when wearing masks. Naturally, organic silk is hypoallergenic, anti-mould and anti-bacterial.  

Ideally both sides of the mask will be 100% silk, and some may have a filter in between to help with protection, but they are not medical-grade masks. However, lots of medical staff are now using them under their medical grade masks to help with skin issues that have been created from this new generation of maskne. The silk feels super soft and will help to keep your skin allergy and reaction free when needing to be worn for long periods of time. It is weightless, breathable, and beautiful.

If we must wear a mask several hours per day, let’s do it with the health of our skin in mind. We now stock 100% Mulberry Silk masks at Skintopia. 


Avoid Most Lip Products Underneath Your Mask.  

Using comedogenic ingredients in an area that is trapping in heat and friction is a method for disaster. Doing so may lead to congestion, blackheads, and spots around your lips. Our advice would be to avoid lip products that aren’t mineral or non-comedogenic.

We recommend using Hurraw! lip balm as a safe, natural non-comedogenic alternative. They only use organic, raw, cruelty-free ingredients and offer an array of flavors.    


Focus On The Eyes.  

The eyes have always been a window to our soul and now it is the only part we can truly connect in this world of viruses. Enhancing your eyes can lift your entire face. We know a strong brow has changed the brow scene, giving more definition and structure to the face.

You can also define and open up our eyes with Yumi Lash LiftsYumi Lashes are a treatment that lifts, curls, and tints your own natural lashes. It is the most ideal treatment for anyone who wants to enhance their own eyelashes and doesn't like the idea or the maintenance of eyelash extensions. It can last from 8-12 weeks once you look after them.  

If you feel like you don’t have the brows or lashes you desire, we can now safely grow our own brows and lashes with Revitalash! It takes about 6-8 weeks of daily application to start a new hair cycle. These new hairs will be stronger and fuller, as they are being feed all the nutrients they need to grow daily. Once you have the length of lashes or thickness of brows you are happy with you then only need to apply the serum 2/3 times per week to maintain the results.



Recommend using Light, Non-Comedogenic Mineral Make Up on the skin.  

In this new world of mask wearing and removing we have had to think of how we can create a makeup look that will last the day for those meetings and let our skin breathe! 

The answer is mineral, natural and non-comedogenic make up. This make-up has come a long way from a simple powder to now all options of finishes from natural to full coverage all while letting the skin breathe. 

Here at Skintopia we use Aleph Beauty. We see it as part of our skincare range. Why have we selected this brand, is because we know they have taken the greatest care in the selection of every ingredient to be as ethical as possible, 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and people and planet friendly. Each ingredient has been selected for its protecting, nourishing, stabilising and regenerating properties, so when you’re wearing Aleph Beauty, you know with absolute certainty that the health of your skin is being cared for. 

Every Aleph product is infused with thoughtfully chosen natural extracts and cellular energising ingredients that boost the skin’s natural defense mechanisms and promote skin renewal. Advanced by the extraordinary healing powers of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. The core products in the range are water-free, avoiding the unnecessary consumption of this precious resource and preventing water from being trapped in cosmetic packaging. 


As Professional Skin Therapists, we absolutely love what we do and we encourage you to reach out to us though our live chat or schedule a video call about 'maskne' or any skin issues you are having at this time!

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