Biologi Winter Skin Tips

Winter has arrived and our skin is exposed to ever changing elements, and at this time of the season it’s important to keep your epidermal skin barrier protected and nourished.

The experts at Biologi give us a run down on their top tips for protecting your skin during these colder months!

The epidermal barrier is made up of many different functions. This protective barrier stops pathogens, acts to immune response, stops moisture and lipids from escaping and helps with UV exposure. It can be easily disturbed from both internal and external elements.

Winter skin can look dry, flaky, red, and irritated. It can feel dehydrated, “thirsty” and rough textured. Our skin is influenced by the environment and during winter when our skin is exposed to changing elements like cold winds, drops in temperature, heating, and low humidity, it can affect the texture of the skin to increase dehydration, redness, and irritation.

To combat these signs, we recommend these targeted clean cosmeceutical serums from Biologi:

Bf Restore Face and Body Serum helps to lock in extra hydration, reduce redness and irritation, Bm Regenerate Anti-Ageing Serum provides nourishment and vital antioxidant protection to a skin that has preventative ageing concerns, and finally, the BQK Radiance Duo Serums work synergistically in combination to brighten, repair, and heal your skin.

Then include some extra nourishment and incorporate Biologi’s Br Organic Rosehip Oil. It is key in helping to further nourish and protect your skin against the elements. Br Rosehip oil contains skin loving Alpha-Linoleic Acids that are rich in fatty acids which add nourishment whilst protecting your skin. Vitamin A (in its natural form) and Vitamin E work hard together to increase cell strength and healing in the skin.

Give your devitalised winter skin a Biologi boost and apply 2-3 drops of Br Rosehip Oil once or twice a week at night on its own. Or, alternatively, Br Rosehip oil may be used over your Biologi Serum. For superior added skin nourishment and benefits use daily.


The lips are also exposed to the effects of winter dryness and Biologi Bl Nourish Lip Serum is your go-to treatment lip serum that aims to replenish and provide extra hydration throughout the day or as an overnight conditioning lip treatment.

Don't forget the body:

It’s also important to treat and incorporate a body skincare regime too! Did you know you can use the Bc Refresh Cleanser on the body? Bc Refresh Cleanser will help to gently cleanse your skin without stripping or drying and aids in providing added hydration and protection to your body skin. 

Increase the moisture content on your body skin by regularly applying the Bf Restore Face & Body Serum to lock in hydration and reduce any dry body flakiness. Bf Restore is different to traditional body moisturisers because it contains 100% active phyto-actives from the Finger Lime Extract and a small % of food grade preservative and nothing else.

And a few extra tips:

If you are lover of wearing beanies, scarf, or neck warmers in winter, remember to cleanse effectively around your hairline and neck with Bc refresh Cleanser, and follow with a Biologi Serum to help reduce any breakouts or redness from friction and potential fabric irritation.

Lastly, our final winter skin tip includes applying a SPF. Remember, just because its cold outside, UV rays are always around, even on a cloudy day.