5 Reasons To Love : Biologi Bf Restore Serum

Bf Restore Face & Body Serum is Biologi’s essential transformative skincare product. Containing a unique combination of fruit acids, the extract of Australian finger lime is jam-packed with high performing plant actives that work to nourish and protect every cell on the face and body.

Rich in plant-based vitamin C, tryptophan and ferulic acid, the active ingredients work hard to hydrate cells, strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and reduce the visible signs of ageing. As an added benefit, finger lime contains healing actives that may work to repair a damaged dermal barrier and reduce sensitisation and potentially reduce the symptoms of chronic skin conditions.

Bf Restore is an all-over nutritional powerhouse for the face and body and we’re proud to claim it as our bathroom cabinet essential!

If you’ve never tried Bf Restore Face and Body serum, here are five reasons you should try it today!


1. It’s multi-use for face & body

Bf Restore Face & Body Serum has many uses on the body and face, and you can also comb it through the ends of your hair! After a day at the beach, the combination of tryptophan and ferulic acid can hydrate and protect against the harsh UV rays!


2.  It’s safe to use on kids & babies

Cradle cap, nappy rash, dry skin, eczema… whatever bubs skin concern, Bf Serum is the answer! Free from harsh formulating ingredients, Bf Serum is so pure you can drink it even making it safe for breast feeding mamas, pregnancy and newborns.


3. It works wonders for eczema skins

Bf Hydration Serum contains vitamin C and tryptophan which work in synergy to potentially repair the cracked barrier, reduce redness and heal inflammation. It’s free from irritating fragrance and steroids, both of which are found in common skin treatments.


4. It’s 100% vegan and cruelty free

Biologi’s full range of products are 100% vegan containing only plant extracts the skin needs for healthy cellular turnover. We don’t add animal products into Biologi because the skin doesn’t need them to be applied topically. And if the skin doesn’t need it, our products won’t contain it.


5. It’s perfect for applying post-shave

Bursting with plant-based vitamin C, ferulic acid and tryptophan, applying Bf post-shave or as and when hydration is needed will build antioxidant protection and strengthen cells to avoid redness and irritation caused by shaving.


How to use Bf Restore Face & Body Serum:

Bf Restore Face & Body Serum is our recommendation for anyone with dry, sensitive, irritated skin. We recommend removing all other products (apart from cleanser) and using one full bottle until skin conditions improve.

After showering and cleansing, apply one pump to each area of the body as required. For maximum efficiency, make sure skin is completely dry before applying.


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