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Advanced Retinal Serum

Using the most potent form of Vitamin A, Retinaldehyde is clinically proven to stimulate collagen in amounts equal to retinoic acid. Pharmaceutical-grade liposomes deliver proprietary nutrients beyond the surface to nourish and remodel the skin. Savvy ingrdients gently soothe, restore, and balance hydration. Lasting changes result from several collagen stimulators, amnio acids, and antioxidants, additionally offering UVB protection and barrier repair. Advanced non-inflammatory Vitamin A | .0165% Retinaldehyde.

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• 9 collagen stimulators counter fine lines and wrinkles 
• Skin perfecting age-fighter 
• Strongest non-inflammatory Vitamin A

Key Ingredients

Ectoin, Retinaldehyde, Niacinamide, Chlorella, Dipeptide-6, 1,3 Beta Glucan.

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