Cooling Ice Globes

Include the Cooling Ice Globes into your skin care regime to give yourself a relaxing, cooling face and eye massage. Cooling Ice Globes are everyone’s favourite part of a Skintopia skin treatment, now we've made them available for you to use in the comfort of your home.

    Product Information

    These soothing globes are filled with an anti-freeze solution and have a variety of benefits.

    • Minimizing inflammation or puffiness.
    • Improving lymphatic drainage
    • Relieving sinus pressure.
    • Reducing redness.
    • Minimizing pore size.
    • Improving circulation.
    How to use
    1. Before Use: Wash with fresh water then put them in the refrigerator, leave them in for 10-20 minutes before use.
    2. Smooth your favorite cream or serum onto clean, dry skin and gently massage the face and neck with the cooling globes. Start on the jaw line and work upwards and outwards to help with lymphatic drainage and to lift the skin.
    3. After Use: Wash with soap and water and dry thoroughly each time you use them. (DO NOT Store in refrigerator or freezer).

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