Osmosis Catalyst MD

DNA Repair C Serum

Our age-reversing, patented, clinically-proven serum activates the repair mechanisms of our own cells to reverse aging in the skin. It helps to resolve pigmentation, increase wound healing capacity, boost collagen production, decrease scar tissue, address visible capillaries, and increase skin elasticity. Catalyst MD contains a potent collection of amino acids that accelerates DNA repair by harnessing the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C.

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• Patented, clinically proven technology 
• Diminishes fine lines and increases firmness 
• Repairs DNA to correct wounds and scars in the skin 
• Pigment control and normalization 
• Heals capillaries 

Key Ingredients

Acetyl Cysteine, Ascorbic Acid (L), Alpha Ketoglutarate, Cat’s Claw (AC-11).

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