By Blackberry Seed Oil Biologi

By Blackberry Seed Oil is a pure, one-of-a-kind face oil that is wild harvested, cold pressed and unrefined to provide exceptional nutritional benefits for the skin. Rich in vitamin k, alpha linoleic, linoleic, and oleic acids, By, is excellent for all skin types and conditions, to assist in strengthening, repairing, and hydrating your skin. By Blackberry Seed oil provides your skin with the best that nature has intended to deliver uncompromising results which leaves you with a supple, nourished and luminous complexion.

Contains: 30ml Packaged in glass bottle with dropper lid

use for/ benefits

All skin types Dry skin types and dehydrated skin conditions Ageing skin concerns Sun damaged skin conditions Skin conditions that require healing and strengthening Body for extra suppleness and hydration Stretch marks to help brighten and keep skin supple May be used for dark circles under the eye are

Benefits: Provides extra nourishment to help with dryness Assists in locking in vital moisture for the skin Aids with the strengthening of capillaries Helps to reduce redness Enhances skin suppleness, texture, and glow Can provide skin barrier strength Aids in promoting collagen and elastin May be used over stretch marks to keep skin supple and sof  

How to use

On a clean dry skin, apply 2-3 drops and lightly massage over face. By Blackberry Seed Oil may be used over the top of your recommended Biologi serum. Let the serum absorb before the application of By. By Blackberry Seed Oil can be used on the face, neck, and body. 

Note: May be used sparingly under the eye are but not intended to be used over entire eye area or lashes.

Note: Always check with your medical practitioner if taking blood thinning medication or if you are unsure that this product is right for you. Please avoid mixing or layering the Br Rosehip Oil with the By Face oil as it may deplete Vitamin K


Vitamin K Omega 9 - Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid and Oleic, Linoleic Acid Omega 3 - Alpha Linoleic Acid Phyto-actives contained in Rubus Laciniatus (Blackberry Seed) Oil. 

Vitamin K • FAT soluble Vitamin • Encourages faster wound healing and strengthening of the skin • Anti-ageing by assisting in protecting and promoting collagen and elastin • Can help with improving the elasticity of blood vessels/capillaries • Enhances the complexion and texture and keeps skin supple • Antioxidant • Anti-redness • May be used for dark circles around the eye area 

Omega 3 - Alpha Linoleic Acid • Assists in reducing redness • Antioxidant to fight free radicals • Shown to aid in wound healing • Can help with oil regulation 

Omega 9 - Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid and Oleic, Linoleic Acid • Encourages in skin repairing • A beneficial skin nutrient • Can provide anti-redness benefits • A skin protectant to improve skin barrier 

Extra Information: Keep in cool area away from sunlight. Replace dropper lid tightly after use. Use within 6 months of opening

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