Awwa Cotton Basic Period Brief

AWWA washable period undies mean less 'single use' waste, and less monthly cost for you! Using a special super-effective absorbency layer, AWWA period underwear will keep you comfortable, fresh and dry all month long! 

  • Moderate/Average Flow
  • Holds 2 pads/tampons or 12mls
  • Leak-proof, breathable, anti-odour
  • Machine washable

Note from AWWA: We have recently updated all our sizing so please double check the size chart


•  Thick band detailing

•  Mid rise cut brief

•  Super soft cotton and super slim gusset feels just like ordinary underwear

•  Wear your Cotton underwear for the duration of the day you normally wear two regular tampons or pads

•  After use, rinse in water and pop into a waterproof bag if you’re out and about, or throw straight into the washing machine with your ordinary load

•  Do not use fabric softener 

•  Put on another pair of your period-proof underwear and go enjoy your day, care free.


•  95% Organic cotton, 5% Elastane

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