Aleph Pro Mascara Fan Brush

Aleph Pro Mascara Fan Brush gives you ultimate control and versatility with your mascara application.

Makeup artists often use specialised tools to allow for ultimate control over their desired application and to also ensure optimal hygiene and safety when working with multiple clients. You should have the chance to be your own makeup artist and wear this mascara your way.

Applying mascara directly from the vial with the wand will give you a generous coat of lash lifting ultra jet black mascara, and the option of our Fan Brush allows for anything from the lightest touch through to full blown volume and ultimate control.


Sustainably sourced and made to last, the vegan bristles of the Fan Brush are hypoallergenic and less likely to harbour bacteria. We recommend that the fan brush be washed with soap and warm water between uses, to avoid potential contamination.


To use, sparingly load your Fan Brush by dabbing it against the wand. Replace the wand into the vial and position fan against your lashes to coat evenly from roots to tips.

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