Plasma Pen technology is the newest and most advanced form of skin tightening and rejuvenation. Also known as Fibroblast treatment, the Plasma Pen is minimally invasive and offers instant results of firmer and tighter skin by creating an instant reduction in excess tissue without the need for regular botox, invasive surgery and long downtime periods.

How it works

A small electrode is carefully used over the treatment area to create an instant tightening action in the surrounding skin tissue. The electrode creates small dots on the skin which are placed close together in formation to accurately tighten and firm the desired area.  Each “dot” that is created results in a small wound in the skin, which then triggers the skins natural would healing response. In the weeks following the treatment the healing response results in increased Collagen production, the connective tissue that keeps our skin looking smooth & firm. This stimulation of new collagen can continue for up to a year.

 Whilst this treatment can be offered as a stand alone treatment, it offers even more results when combined with our Dermal needling treatment which can be used on larger areas of the face and increases the overall results of each service. Your skin therapist will offer a thorough consultation and can talk to you about which treatments would be best for your individual skin.

One treatment is usually enough for significant tightening, however multiple may be required depending on the skin condition to begin with.

Plasma Pen Skin Tightening treatment can help with:

  • Tightening upper eyelids.
  • Loose skin undereyes
  • Fine lines & wrinkles – forehead lines, crow’s feet, frown lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, mouth lines.
  • Lift sagging areas such as jowls & neck.

Book in for a consultation to learn more about the benefits of our Plasma Pen treatment, if it is right for you and what this treatment entails. Plasma Pen is currently exclusively available at our Skintopia Wellington location. 


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