Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is becoming increasingly more popular and we are excited that we offer this completely customised service! Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is a great option for those who want to save time filling in their eyebrows, those with little to no brow hair and those of us who just want a bit of extra colour and definition without the fuss! This treatment is currently available exclusively at our Skintopia Wellington location. 

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What to expect in your appointment 

In your cosmetic tattoo appointment we will take you through a thorough consultation to determine what is going to be the best brow for you. We have different types of brow tattooing on offer, including ombre, powder, feather stokes and combination brows, so your Brow Specialist will be able to discuss these options with you. 

➸ Ombré Brows fade from a light powder to a darker tail, creating a natural looking but still very defined brow that fades from light to dark. A great option for those wanting a subtle yet defined look.

➸ Powder Brows incorporate the tattooing technique over the entire brow, giving a complete and definite brow line.

➸ Feather Stroke are made up of fine, hair-like strokes to give you a natural, fuller looking eyebrow. This is a more natural and less defined look than a powder or ombre brow.

➸ Combination brows use both the Powder and Feather techniques to achieve a more defined look than a feather brow but is not as bold as a full powder brow. Combination brows are a very popular option for first time brow tattoo clients!

Your therapist will discuss all the different brow techniques with you to help you decide which to proceed with after a thorough consultation.

We do a full brow map, where we create a brow that matches your facial features perfectly! You also receive a brow shape, so there is no need for you to do this before your appointment.

When we begin your tattoo (depending on your skin and type of brow this could mean we do anywhere between 3 and 7 passes over each brow), we apply a numbing cream after the first pass that will make your treatment relatively comfortable and pain free. Initially after your appointment you may feel as if though your brows are big and bold but they will buffer, shrink and fade over the next few weeks. Make sure you are following our pre and post care and your healing will be stress free! Please keep in mind that eyebrow tattooing is LOW maintenance not NO maintenance, so if you have fair eyebrows and need tinting it is very likely you will still need to get them tinted, however the need for this is less frequent and MUCH less maintenance.

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