The Observ Skin Diagnostic is an accurate skin diagnostic device that uses patented technology to make it the most advanced visual analysis tool available. 

How it works

The Observ Skin Diagnostic is used to diagnose a wide variety of skin conditions. It exposes these conditions by utilising skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technologies to instantly create images of the skin under these different lights and gives your Skintopia therapist an understanding of what is happening in the deepest layers of your skin. This will then help with the prescription of suitable treatments and products for your unique skin to help you achieve your skin goals. 

This will be a valuable tool not only to kickstart your skin journey but to monitor your progress and results of treatments and product use. 

We recommend booking an Observ Skin Analysis before booking any of our Speciality or Advanced Skin treatments. It is redeemable on any products or services at Skintopia. 


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