A Yumi Lash Lift is a premium keratin lash lift that is designed to boost and lift that natural eyelashes - no need for fake lashes! This is an alternative to traditional eyelash extensions, false eyelashes and growth serums. It is an ideal way to enhance your eyelashes in a completely painless, safe and non-invasive way. 

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How it works

Your Skintopia Therapist will clean your eye area to remove any makeup and oil. A shield will then be placed under the eyes and a roller to the upper eyelid. With the roller on the eyelid, your therapist will curl the lashes over the roller with non-toxic glue. This will then separate the lashes and hold it in a curled position while the Yumi Lash solution is applied. This will then process and be removed. Once the solution has been removed - a conditioning serum is applied followed by a Lash Tint to amplify the result. This Lash Lift will be complimentary and are always included in our Yumi Lash Lift Services. It will take 1.5 hours and you will be in the skin lounge relaxing on a reclining chair 

Your Lash Lift should last between 8 - 12 weeks. We do not recommend any sooner than 8 weeks between treatments. This treatment is not damaging to your natural eyelashes and will wear off naturally. 


After your Lash Lift treatment you should avoid getting your newly lifted (also known as permed) lashes wet for 48 hours. This would also include steam from a hot shower or hot yoga. 

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