Sandra Kedibone Mokoena


Sandra, a devoted mother to her daughter, hails from South Africa, where she acquired 13 years of expertise in skincare. Fluent in eight languages, she exudes a bubbly, passionate, and humorous demeanor. Sandra has a deep-seated passion for working with people and delights in witnessing the transformative journey of her clients' skin. Her commitment to achieving results is evident in her dedicated and passionate approach to her work.

Bubbly • Outspoken • Funny

Results driven and goal orientated

Circular Hydration Serum Circular Hydration Serum

Circular Hydration Serum

My Favourite Product Is:
That is good to build client skin barrier, hydrating and anyone needs it, so everyone is a candidate, its actually interesting to see just hydration alone does to the skin even before we add more active products.