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Meet Paige

Today we are chatting with Paige @paigeffox, who is not your average instagram Mum. Paige shares her life as a Mumma to two young children alongside her challenging career as a theatre nurse, her passion for all things health & wellness, and a bit of serious wedding inspo thrown in. Today Paige chats to us about the family and career juggle, how she’s keeping her two little ones entertained during the lockdown, and her tips for making time for self care in amongst the busyness of parenthood.

How do you maintain your family routines while at home with your little ones, especially now that NZ is on lockdown?

We begin our day with our individual morning routines. I like to meditate and have a coffee first thing in the morning and my fiance goes for his morning run before the kids wake up. I meditate as it clears my mind and puts my body at ease for the day ahead. We always get outside for walks / scooter / bike rides around the block to get some fresh air. After morning exercise we ensure to get a bit of education in, although there is not a huge emphasis on school work as I personally have taken a different approach. My six year old is learning about household skills and chores like washing, vacuuming and tidying her bedroom. We keep track of her progress with a rewards chart. Remaining in a routine has been essential for us to still feel normal in a time like this. We also plan in our diaries the night before workout blocks/ personal time and school work to still feel as though we are achieving our goals in lockdown.

Take us through your current morning routine and rituals

The first thing I do before the kids wake is meditate for 30 minutes. I do this outside on my balcony to get fresh air in my lungs and reset for the day, I then have a shower, carry out my morning skin care routine EVERY MORNING and make a coffee before I wake the kids for breakfast. Ensuring I carry my morning routine out every morning gives me structure and makes me feel refreshed and energised for the day ahead with the kids.

Between your inspiring work as a theatre nurse, being a mum to two littlies and balancing instagram, what daily or weekly rituals do you practise to take time out for yourself?

Exercise has been a pivotal part of my everyday life and allows me to have personal time for myself. Releasing positive endorphins keeps me energised, happy and motivated to carry out my mummy duties the best way I know how with my kids. Emails,  coffee and cooking I love even more so in a time like this. With no takeaways my appreciation for the kitchen has grown and I love feeding my family. We also play games everyday, five crowns, monopoly and puzzles. Believe it or not time goes so fast in our household everyday! Haha.

 Tell us about your current skincare routine, and are you taking any extra steps to care for your skin during these more stressful times?

My current skincare routine during lockdown has been the best it has been, I’m usually really great at sticking to my skincare regime but even more so now we are in lockdown. I don’t wear makeup now which has helped my skin breathe and allow the products to penetrate into my skin. I use all Dermalogica products for my morning and nighttime skincare routines. I love my skin care routine, it's that little mummy time to myself and it makes me feel good. 

Share with us your best piece of parenting advice or mum hack?

“Taking care of yourself as a mama doesn’t mean Me first, it means Me too!” I personally believe making yourself a priority once in awhile is not being selfish, it's necessary. Self love and self care as a mama are so important because your children need you at your best.

Check out Paige's Skincare routine below -


Cleanse: Special Cleansing Gel

Spritz: Antioxidant Hydramist

Serum: Biolumin-C serum

Moisturise: Prisma Protect SPF30

Lips: Multivitamin Power Firm



3x a week - Clearing Skin Wash 

3-4 times - Special Cleansing Gel

Spritz: Antioxidant Hydramist

Serum: Biolumin-C serum

Moisturiser: Skin Smoothing Cream

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