New HydraPeel Skin Treatment

Introducing our revolutionary HydraPeel skin treatment – a non-invasive, multi-faceted approach to rejuvenating your skin and giving it that coveted healthy glow. This comprehensive three-step procedure harnesses cutting-edge technology and potent ingredients to deliver outstanding results. Whether you have a special occasion on the horizon or simply crave a year-round radiant complexion, our HydraPeel treatment is your answer! It's suitable for all skin types, particularly those in need of a revitalising boost, such as tired, dull, or dehydrated skin.

The HydraPeel Experience

Our journey to a radiant complexion begins with the meticulous removal of makeup and impurities using our specialised Precleanse. This step not only preps your skin but also sets the stage for a deep cleanse using our recommended cleanser.

Next, we assess your skin's hydration levels with the BT Analyze, a remarkable tool that measures the water content in your skin, providing us with a percentage of hydration. This crucial information guides us in determining the appropriate level of exfoliation during the treatment.

With your skin thoroughly analysed, we move on to the core of the HydraPeel treatment – Hydrodermabrasion. This innovative technique combines a diamond tip to gently exfoliate your skin with a gentle suction, effectively eliminating dead skin cells and surface debris. Simultaneously, a hydrating serum is infused into your skin, delivering both deep hydration and exfoliation in one powerful step.

Following Hydrodermabrasion, we introduce Dermalogica's Pro Power Peel – a fully customisable peel tailored to your skin's specific needs on the day of treatment. Our selection of actives includes 30% lactic acid, 30% glycolic acid, and Mandelic acid, allowing us to target your unique concerns. Additionally, we have the flexibility to layer different peels in different areas of your face based on your personalised skin analysis.

To further enhance your skin's rejuvenation, we employ LED light therapy. LED, or light-emitting diode, is customised to address your individual skin concerns and goals. Options range from Blue, which aids breakout-prone skin, to Green, which supports skin tone, Yellow for healing and vascular support, Red for collagen stimulation, and Near Infrared for dermal repair. While your skin luxuriates in the benefits of LED, you can indulge in your choice of a hand and arm massage, scalp massage, or a foot massage for an all-around relaxation experience.

To conclude the treatment, we utilise dermal layering to infuse specific serums and moisturisers deep into your skin, leaving it thoroughly refreshed, hydrated, and glowing with vitality.

The HydraPeel experience is now available at all Skintopia locations for just $250 per session. For optimal and long-lasting results, we recommend a series of three sessions. Don't wait any longer to unveil your radiant skin – book your HydraPeel treatment now at your nearest Skintopia location.

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