Lockdown Chats With Hanna Tevita

Hanna Tevita

 Meet Hanna @hanna_tevita. Her personality shines through her Instagram, as she shares with us a mix of wellness and skincare, beautiful travel snaps and her journey on her career as a lawyer, mixed in with some major wedding and fashion inspo. Today she talks to us about her career, skin routines, and how life has changed for her during the level 4 lockdown.

Being a lawyer could be considered a high stress job at times, what self care rituals do you have to keep stress and anxiety levels down?  

Yeah absolutely, my job, while extremely rewarding can have moment that are high stress and really time consuming. For me, I like to stay active as much as possible! Whether it’s walking up Mt Victoria at lunch or heading to a gym class I always make sure I’m removing myself from my work environment for at least an hour or two to focus on myself! 

What is your skincare routine looking like during this lockdown period? Are you taking any extra steps to care for your skin while you are at home? 

I’m finding I have a lot more time being in lockdown! Not having to wear makeup to work everyday is a bonus too and my skin is loving it! To be honest, everything is staying relatively the same but I am able to sit in my office at home with a Dermalogica face mask on... as long as I don’t have any video conferences haha! 

Working from home can be difficult, share with us any rituals or routines you have found help with your productivity and staying motivated while working from home during this time.

 It is so so hard. I really do not like it. I have always tried to keep my home and work separate as much as possible. My home is my sacred place where I relax and unwind with my family whereas work is very fast past and always go go go. I was really wary of combining the two and have definitely struggled. For me I always make sure I’m exercising at least once a day even if it’s just taking the dogs for a walk around the block! I’ve also been super good with my eating and keeping it super healthy by treating myself when I’ve done the work. We can’t eat out currently which my husband and I are really guilty of. So that’s helped too! 

What are your tips for balancing your career with family, social life and time for yourself?

My tips for maintaining a balanced life is to go with the flow but also be wary of how you’re coping. I don’t bog myself down with strict routines because I can’t guarantee I can stick to them as my work can change so quickly. I might be required to do something completely  unexpected. Therefore, I try to have guiding principles like making sure I exercise 5 times a week and catching up with at least two friends and two family members twice a week. How that looks may be different each week though- I might workout at lunch during work hours because I can or might do it before or after work- or I might have a really busy week and aim to do the bulk of my exercise over the weekend. It’s the same with catching up with friends and family. I might see them in person or it might just be a phone call. Either way they are principles that guide me but I can be fluid and flexible with! It allows my life to operate quite organically but with some structure! I also don’t beat myself up if I don’t manage to stick to these every week! Stuff happens you know but you have to be able to check yourself every now and then.

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