Treating Hyperpigmentation: Osmosis

Do you experience darker patches on your face and/or body? Hyperpigmentation is a very common skin concern and your skins way of protecting itself, but it can be annoying when you’re trying to achieve even, healthy looking skin. There are different types of hyperpigmentation which we can treat with Osmosis Skincare at our Skintopia locations.

What is hyperpigmentation and how can we treat it?

Age spots:

Age spots are caused by oxidative stress, the skin will produce darker pigment over the wounded area to protect it. Incorporate Rescue and Catalyst AC-11 to repair the cells and dramatically enhance the appearance of skin tone and texture. Make sure you always apply SPF each morning to protect your skin from future damage.


Liver spots:

Do you have large bean shaped spots on your hands or face? This could be liver spots. These are caused by experiencing damage to the liver from toxins and/or emotions. At Skintopia we recommend incorporating Immune Activator and Emotional well-being internally to support and balance your emotions. Applying Rescue and Catalyst topically will give you incredible results when treating liver spots.


Melasma is often related to hormones. This is partially true but it’s the damage to the liver that an imbalance of hormones can do. This can be from pregnancy, birth control, medication, or liver disease that can cause melasma. It is a mirror of pigmentation on one side of the face to the other. If you’re struggling with melasma, we can help you with our Osmosis Skincare. Incorporate Immune Activator to assist your skin internally. Apply Catalyst and Rescue topically to lighten melasma and even out your skin tone. 


As Professional Skin Therapists, we absolutely love what we do, and we encourage you to reach out to us for a chat or video call about hyperpigmentation or any skin issues you are currently experiencing. You can contact us here: Locations - Auckland & Wellington | Skintopia NZ

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