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When we feel like we’ve indulged a lot over the holiday season, we can be quite motivated to get back to our wellness routine come January 1st. After we, deservedly so, take a break at the end of the year and perhaps enjoy richer foods, alcohol, chocolate, and nights out, the toll it takes can show on our skin.

We don’t think that we need to be ‘perfect’ all the time; we don’t even think that’s possible, but what we can do is mitigate against feeling too pickled, run down, or exhausted so that even if we’re making the most of summer, we are still getting our body, mind, and skin all the nutrients it needs to look and feel healthy.

So, here are three ways we can do just that, and the nutrients that help us get there!


1. Rejuvenating our cells with nourishing nutrients

Because every cell in our body is literally made up of the food and nutrients we eat or take and every function in our body, from breathing to digestion to our drive to do physical activity, requires the right nutrients, they make all the difference to our health and wellness.

Getting more nutrients into our bodies is a really empowering habit when we think of all that they do for our overall wellness. In addition to supporting overall bodily function and health, they also have a significant impact on the health and appearance of our skin.

While it would be great to get all the nutrients we need from our diet, it can be really hard to do, which is why taking on more nutrients from supplements is a great act of self care.

Key summer nutrients (and where to find them) 

If you’re looking to reset and refresh your body, the following nutrients are great for providing energy, boosting our immunity, and supporting a great night’s sleep.

Vitamin C:
Found in abundance in citrus fruits, brussel sprouts, broccoli, and strawberries, vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to fight free radicals. It also boosts immunity and memory!

B vitamins:
B vitamins are fantastic for energy and that get-up-and-go feeling we all love. We find them in whole grains, meat, eggs and dairy products, legumes, seeds and nuts, and dark leafy vegetables like spinach.

Magnesium supports good mood, a dreamy night’s sleep and inflammation and we can find it in green vegetables, nuts and seeds, oats, wheat germ, and dry beans.

Zinc is essential for healing wounds, sexual health, osteoporosis, and immunity. We find it in oysters (Bluff this summer anyone?), red meat and poultry, whole grains, fortified breakfast cereal, and dairy products.


2. Great gut health

Did you know that all health starts in the gut? 80% of our immunity comes from our gut, it’s where serotonin is made, and we can work to prevent inflammation which causes skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Because our gut is the starting point for immunity, hormones, and, of course, our microbiome, we can take steps to reduce inflammation, regulate our hormones (and therefore hormonal acne) and repair our microbiome.

If you’re living with hormonal acne, then it’s worth assessing the health of your gut. It can seem quite unfair that we would experience this beyond our teen years but hormonal acne can affect us well into adulthood because disruptions to our hormones can happen at any stage of life.

Our hormones are our communication system. We have over 50 types of them sending messages around the body instructing it on things like where to store fat, how to feel, and what to do. We need neurotransmitters to do all of this, and to produce those neurotransmitters, we need to be getting and absorbing key nutrients (like all of those listed above!). It’s much harder to do this if the health of our gut is compromised because we don’t absorb these nutrients as well as we would if we had a healthy gut. Bad bacteria can also be responsible for craving sugar and processed foods because those are the foods they thrive on.

Including probiotic foods in your diet like bananas, yoghurt, flax seeds, nuts, and fermented foods such as kefir and kombucha helps our gut’s microbiome to find that ideal balance. In addition to this, taking a daily, quality probiotic to promote good bacteria and keep the bad bacteria in check will make absorbing the key nutrients we need that much easier.

3. Keeping inflammation in check

Inflammation is a sign that our immune system is fighting hard to protect us. As we mentioned above, our skin can show signs of inflammation - like psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema - when we are having an immune reaction. Even if you have no known allergies, and maybe no serious ones, we can still have low-level immune reactions that can go largely unnoticed but still impact our health.

Inflammation is tied to multiple health and wellness concerns like gut issues, hormonal imbalance, heart & autoimmune conditions, mood swings, and skin, hair & nail problems so we want to be sure to keep it at bay.

The foods we eat, the drinks we drink, and the creams and lotions we use on our skin can all cause inflammation or prevent it. Of course, we won’t all be triggered by the same foods. If, for example, you are sensitive to lactose, you will have an inflammatory reaction that someone without those sensitivities won’t but all of us are prone to inflammation in one way or another and chronic inflammation can, over time, cause long-term health problems that we might not notice now but which can become problematic the more we experience it. This is where Omega-3s can play a crucial role to our overall health.

Found in fatty fish like tuna, salmon, & sardines and nuts, seeds, and plant oils, Omega-3 is great for inflammation, joint and heart health, and lowers blood pressure which is why taking it daily can give our body the space it needs to focus on its normal bodily functions , and doesn’t need to spend unnecessary resources fighting off inflammation.

So, there we have it: The three kinds of nutrients and dietary supplements that can nourish our minds and bodies everyday and if you’re looking for an easy way to get all the essential daily nutrients you need for a nourishing body reset and refresh? You can find them all in the BePure Everyday Wellness Pack - which includes BePure One, the ultimate multivitamin, BePure Two, a powerful probiotic and BePure Three, high strength DHA/EPA, sustainably sourced omega 3.


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