Ben Warren : Top 10 Tips for Skin Health

Introducing Ben Warren, clinical Nutritionist and Founder of leading scientific wellness company BePure. When founding BePure Ben had a vision of happier and healthier communities across New Zealand. His vision has become the core purpose - to create health journeys for a better life. 

Bens vision combines the power of scientific research with a deep knowledge of holistic health to provide a robust, trusted and effective solution to health. He believes great health is reliant on more than ‘one thing’. When our physical, mental wellness, connection and security needs are met, we have wellbeing.


Here are Ben Warren's Top 10 Tips for Skin Health


1. Get adequate sleep for rest and repair

Sleep controls the homeostasis of cell repair and restoration, therefore adequate sleep is required for optimal skin function. Sleep plays a role in restoring immune system function and that changes in the immune response may affect collagen production.

2. Drink filtered water, keep you and your skin hydrated

One of the best ways to moisturise our skin is from the inside. Water aids healthy skin cell turnover resulting in smoother, firmer skin and without adequate hydration skin cells do not shed adequately leading to a build up on the surface, congestion and dull tone. The skin is also an organ of detoxification and adequate water is needed to assist this.

3. Eat whole, unprocessed food

A diet in whole natural foods supports the skin in a multitude of ways. Our diet provides the raw materials (high quality proteins) for skin replacement, as well as the majority of the cofactors required for collagen production. Fruits and vegetables provide the majority of antioxidants the skin uses to protect itself from UVB radiation.

4. Take a high quality multivitamin supplement

Micronutrients are required for multiple biochemical pathways in the production and maintenance of healthy skin cells. It’s very difficult to get all the nutrients the body and skin needs from the modern diet; due to modern farming methods, modern food conveniences, modern food choices and modern day requirements. Ben has researched new Zealand soil quality in depth and learnt how certain farming practices were depleting our soils of nutrients. Less nutrients in our soil, means less nutrients in our food. BePure supplements are designed to support a healthy diet to make sure we are getting all the nutrients our bodies need, every day. 

BePure ONE supports: Energy and vitality, immunity, mental clarity,nervous system balance, hair, skin and nail health, sleep.

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5. Support skin regeneration with extra skin loving nutrients zinc and vitamin C

Modern people and people of New Zealand have been shown to be critically low in zinc and vitamin C. Both of which are required as cofactors for the production of collagen as well as both being important antioxidants in the skin. Collagen is responsible for skin elasticity and smoothness, and is one of the main building blocks of healthy skin, whilst antioxidants are essential for fighting free radical damage which can lead to premature skin ageing. 

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6. Reduce gluten wherever possible to reduce inflammation

Many skin conditions have inflammation at the heart of the issue. The gut is the home of the immune system and when we eat foods our body tags as an invader systemic inflammation throughout the body can ensue. In one study gluten was found to be inflammatory for all persons who consumed, celiacs and non-celiacs alike.

7. Introduce a daily probiotic or fermented foods

Fermented foods and probiotics help modulate and keep the immune system healthy; in turn, assisting with managing inflammation throughout the whole body. The colon also removes unwanted waste from the body, supporting the immune system and detoxification systems of the gut both can have positive impacts on the skin.

BePure Two is an advanced daily probiotic, specially formulated by Ben Warren to provide your body with a powerful dose of beneficial bacteria to support you in building up an army of beneficial gut bacteria for optimal gut health that then supports our overall great health. BePure TWO can help support skin concerns & inflammatory conditions such as eczema, rosacea and dermatitis. 

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8. Take a high quality fish oil

In the modern world we have an imbalance of essential fatty acids, omega 3 versus omega 6. We are eating too many omega 6 fatty acids, these drive a pro-inflammatory condition in the body. Whereas omega 3 oils from fish provide anti-inflammatory responses and help resolve inflammation in the body.

Sustainably sourced from the South Pacific, BePure Three is your high strength fish oil full of essential Omega-3 fatty acids DHA & EPA. BePure Three is an all-rounder to support inflammation, skin, hormone balance, joints, mental wellness and everyday wellbeing. Tested for purity, freshness and oxidisation, and with no fillers, BePure Three is a bioavailable Omega-3 you can trust.

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9. Drink both broth or take extra collagen

Skin integrity is dependent on collagen production. In the modern world we no longer consume the whole animal as we once used to, this has led to a decline in gelatin, amino acid constructs and collagen consumption. Consuming collagen assists in stimulating collagen production within the body and skin.

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10.Take personalised hormonal support as needed

There are a number of skin issues that are hormonally mediated, from acne, melasma and rosacea. The main hormonal imbalances are around excess estrogen, not enough progesterone or too much testosterone. Testing can be done through Eve Wellness. Balancing hormones can have a positive impact not only on whole body health but also skin.

In 2018, over 14,000 women responded to a survey about their hormones, sharing insights about their health. The picture that this survey painted is one that highlights a real and present issue with hormone health and how it impacts our minds and our bodies. So, with the backing of scientists and a kick-ass research team, Eve was born to both provide women with insight into their health with our at-home testing kits, and help them address concerns that arise with our new range of nutritional support products.

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Ben Warren, Clinical Nutritionist and Founder of leading scientific wellness company BePure.