Latest to Skintopia: Be Pure

 Be Pure

At Skintopia, we believe the only true way to approach skin health is to approach it as a whole. This holistic view means our gut health, our hormones, our diet, lifestyle and overall health and wellbeing are all taken into account when we are treating your skin. 

It felt like the next natural step for us was to include this in our approach to skin health and wellness and to bring something into our prescriptive skin centres that we can offer our clients to treat their skin as a whole, from the inside as well as the outside.

We are now excited to announce the arrival of Be Pure to our skin centres.

BePure is a scientific wellness company founded by leading clinical nutritionist, Ben Warren. Ben had a vision of happier and healthier communities across New Zealand. His vision has become our core purpose - to create health journeys for a better life. 

Sometimes, despite your utmost efforts in perfecting your unique recipe for wellness (The collection of things we do regularly to nurture our health such as going to bed early, moving daily, going to yoga, eating well), you still don’t feel your best. No matter how health conscious we are, a lot of us still seem to be missing one key ingredient – and end up feeling nothing but frustrated as a result.

So, what’s missing?

Rather than honing in on one health concern, our approach is a holistic one – looking at your body as one intricate and amazing system.

We are firm believers in the idea that if one key ingredient is missing – essential nutrients – then you are missing the most effective recipe for wellness. Imagine trying to make a perfect cake without a key ingredient… It’s the same as trying to achieve optimal health without nutrients.

Without key nutrients, your other wellness habits can’t thrive, and therefore won’t make the impact you want them to.

Why are we so nutrient deficient?

First things first – it’s not you. It’s a byproduct of our soils, our stress and our food.

There is a common misconception that our fruit and vegetables are nutrient dense because New Zealand has rich organic soils. It’s a nice idea, but unfortunately it’s not necessarily the case. A range of factors contribute to this – our country’s young age and modern day farming being two examples. But the end result is, our soils aren't as nutrient dense as we need them to be.

In addition, modern-day, convenient food choices have evolved away from nutrient-rich produce. Add to that stress, toxins and pesticides, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster… or at least ongoing compromised wellbeing.

But why are nutrients so important?

The reason essential nutrients are so crucial to our overall wellness, is because they impact the entire system, including:

    • Gut Health

    • Energy

    • Optimal Weight

    • Hormone Balance

    • Mental Wellness

    • Skin Health

Essential nutrients—vitamins and minerals, make the difference between our bodies functioning at their best, and our bodies feeling ‘off.’ 

Even if you’re eating a nutrient-rich whole-food diet, our modern lifestyles still stop us from absorbing the range of essential nutrients our bodies need to function optimally. Luckily now with BePure, we can easily top up with high-quality, high-strength supplements, to support restoring our bodies back to balance, improving our skin health and overall wellness. 

 Head here to shop the Be Pure range.