Changing The Face Of Makeup : Meet Aleph

We are proud to announce the arrival of New Zealand made brand Aleph Beauty to our concise offering at Skintopia. We carefully curate our collections to bring you a mix of products and brands that align with our ethos of skin health, wellness and sustainability. Aleph ticks all of those boxes and more. 

People, planet and animal friendly. 

These are the filters through which Aleph make all of their decisions as a business, with a belief that through collective conscious business practices, great changes can be achieved in the way we as humans treat the planet, its inhabitants and each other.

The skincare we use and our skincare routines are carefully considered, with skin health as our goal, always. We believe that our skincare journey should not end where our makeup begins.

Aleph brings us a concise, functional and multi-purpose collection of makeup products that will support your skin health and skin routine, instead of taking away from it. The multi-purpose products are a step towards simplifying our lives and our mornings, replacing the multitude of makeup products cluttering up our cupboards. 

No harmful ingredients or packaging.

Aleph raw ingredients are selected for their function, safety to humans and safety to the environment. Aleph choose ingredients that are strictly not tested on animals nor include animal products, and endeavour to choose organic ingredients wherever possible.  ‘We favour ingredients with eco certifications such as Cosmos and Ecocert and when these aren’t applicable, we favour 100% natural ingredients’. 

'We seek out suppliers who share our values for sustainability and while it’s impossible for all companies to hit the mark on all sustainability fronts, we favour those who are making a conscious effort to do the best they can towards a cleaner environment. Our core packaging is made from glass which is reusable and recyclable, the outer boxes that each product is sold in is made from FSC certified paper, meaning that from forest to shelf, exacting social and environmental guidelines are complied with. These are then printed with vegetable ink and glued with a vegan glue'.

Welcome to your refined beauty journey.

A beautiful life is simple. Aleph is redefining beauty; we are restrained, pulled back, considered and sophisticated. We are distilled, intentional and aspirational. We are not in your face, we are with your face. We invite curiosity and co-create alchemy with you. Aleph is inclusive and non-gendered. We create makeup for everybody, and support the well being of all to empower a positive, beautiful future.