Thea Matcha

Kazuho Bamboo Whisk

The Kazuho Bamboo whisk is your ticket to creating beautiful frothy matcha. 

We are proud to be stocking these beautiful artisan made bamboo whisks from Yasaburo Tanimura of Suikaen. Hailing Takayama (高山) in the Nara Prefecture, they are 1 of 18 artisan whisk makers left in the Japan and have been in the industry for 530 years. 

Bamboo sourced are organic and left to dry before production begins, a process that takes 2 - 3 years from start to finish. It is sun-dried for 2 months from Jan to Feb. Doing this process, the bamboo naturally strengthens and creates a natural gloss. It is then stored for 2 years before crafting. By keeping the bamboo dry, it reduces the likelihood of cracking therefore a stronger and durable quality whisk. Each whisk is carved by hand with precision. This is the key difference of Japanese-made bamboo whisks over bamboo whisks made elsewhere. Mass produced bamboo whisks, are often made with machines and/or chemicals and skip the drying process and use oxygen absorbers to compensate. 

Each bamboo whisk is unique - no 2 whisks will look the same. Clean your chasen by whisking in a bowl with warm water. Avoid using detergent. Stand upright to dry then rest on a ceramic whisk holder to reshape. 

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