Commercial Bay

Commercial Bay

Bridgett McDermid-Brooks

Business Manager

Originally from South Africa. With 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, lived and worked in 5 different countries including the cruise ships.

Passion for travel and learning about different cultures.

Chelsea Karl

skin therapist

Battling with her own skin sparked Chelsea's interest in investigating the right ingredients and treatments to reach individual skin goals.Treating skin since 2010 she has worked in both the cosmetic and appearance medicine industries previously with a priority of coaching her clients how to care for their skin. Her belief is knowledge is power and also has a business management degree in sustainable enterprise.

Renae Hosking

Assistant Manager

Born and raised in the beautiful Bay of Islands, Renae is a true lover of the outdoors. When she’s not at work or enjoying nature you will find Renae travelling, cooking, and spending time with her close friends and family. A love of massage originally sparked Renae's desire to study Beauty Therapy in 2014, but during her studies this quickly grew into an obsession with all things skin. Renae is a results driven therapist, and her favourite part is not only the visible difference in your skin, but watching her clients confidence grow as they see the results for themselves.

Thai Lam

Skin Therapist

A true city girl who loves meeting new people from all walks of life, Thai has always been passionate about skin. Since working in the industry from 2014 and gaining her badge as a Dermalogica Expert in Australia, Thai has returned home to New Zealand with a desire to share her knowledge, build relationships with her clients and see their confidence grow as they achieve their healthiest skin.  

Laura Duggan

Skin Therapist

Originally from Ireland Laura has travelled and worked around the world for the last 5 years, finally settling in New Zealand.  Laura is an advanced skin therapist with 10 years of experience within the industry, and has spent the last 5 years growing her knowledge & specialising in skin conditions. Laura has a true love for people and is passionate about achieving results using a holistic approach; focusing on potent ingredients, internal supplement support & working on the energetic levels in the body.  When she isn't at work you will find Laura outside in nature exploring the beautiful New Zealand outdoors & enjoying good food.  

Bianka Dalton

Skin therapist

Based on the beautiful Waiheke Island with her husband and daughter, Bianka is a true nature lover, and when she is not at work you’ll find her at the beach. Originally from the Gold Coast, Bianka trained as a beauty therapist in Australia 20 years ago and has been obsessed with skin ever since. You could say she was born to be a skin therapist, following in her Mother and Grandmother's footsteps, both expert leaders in the industry. For Bianka being a skin therapist has always been more than just a job, she is passionate about delivering results and seeing your skin glow, as well as giving a bespoke and relaxing experience with every treatment.

Julia Kharitonova

Skin Therapist

Julia is a passionate people person who is dedicated to maintaining the balance between her home life with her beautiful family and her work life, approaching all things with a positive attitude and a good sense of humour. She graduated with a Beauty Therapy Diploma in 2010 and was awarded Skin Therapist of the year. She has more than 10 years experience under her belt, including hosting events nationally and internationally for luxury brands. With her caring and intuitive approach towards people, Julia strives to make her clients feel more confident about their skin health and is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their skin goals. 

Morgan West

Skin Therapist

Currently a full time nursing student at AUT, Morgan plans to take her Skin Therapist skills to the next level and enter the cosmetic field when she graduates. With over 4 years experience in Dermalogica, Morgan is passionate about visible results & seeing her clients confidence grow as they reach their skin goals. 

India Horgan

Skin Therapist

Bubbly, empathetic and positive, India has always had a passion for helping others. This along with being firm believer in the importance of self care led her to study Beauty Therapy 1 and a half years ago. When she is not at work you will find her spending time with friends, getting outside in nature or learning something new. India loves to see her clients feeling confident as they achieve their glowing results!  

Sarah Jefferson

Skin Therapist

A busy mum to her little boy, Sarah is an expert at balancing her home and work life. She loves to see her clients confidence grow as she takes a holistic approach to her treatments with skin health always being top of mind. Her passion for for people and skincare has lead Sarah to be an expert in her craft working at top skin centres around Auckland since becoming a skin therapist back in 2014.

Sophie Leutenegger

Skin Therapist

Sophie is a highly experienced skin therapist with 15 years of therapy under her belt. She has a passion for great products and excellent thorough treatments. She loves spending time with her family including her gorgeous children Cam and Quinn - they certainly keep her on her toes!