Commercial Bay

Commercial Bay

Jenna Brooks

Assistant Manager

An animal lover, Jenna has two fur babies and loves to spend her time reading and drawing. Jenna is a knowledable Dermalogica Expert with over 13 years industry experience in top skin centres worldwide. Jenna has a passion for building strong relationships with her clients and looks forward to your glowing results as much as you!

Erica Yeats

Duty Manager

Since studying aesthetics and holistic body therapies 20 years ago, Erica has owned her own wellness studios, managed a world leading Health Retreat team and founded a global spa and beauty wellness recruitment agency. Erica’s passion for total body wellness has since led her to now study Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Medicine alongside Kinesiology. Erica’s obsessions are bachata and helicopters - since a young age she has dreamed of one day obtaining her rotary pilots license...until then she'll just keep skydiving to view the horizon from 15,000 feet. 

Sarah Halford

Skin Therapist

A busy mum to her little boy, Sarah is an expert at balancing her home and work life. She loves to see her clients confidence grow as she takes a holistic approach to her treatments with skin health always being top of mind. Her passion for for people and skincare has lead Sarah to be an expert in her craft working at top skin centres around Auckland since becoming a skin therapist back in 2014.

Chelsea Karl

skin therapist

Battling with her own skin sparked Chelsea's interest in investigating the right ingredients and treatments to reach individual skin goals.Treating skin since 2010 she has worked in both the cosmetic and appearance medicine industries previously with a priority of coaching her clients how to care for their skin. Her belief is knowledge is power and also has a business management degree in sustainable enterprise.

Sophie Leutenegger

Skin Therapist

Sophie is a highly experienced skin therapist with 15 years of therapy under her belt. She has a passion for great products and excellent thorough treatments. She loves spending time with her family including her gorgeous little boy Cam in her spare time- he certainly keeps her on her toes!