Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy is becoming an increasingly popular skin-improvement weapon, and with good reason!  Using a Dermal Pen, this treatment creates the most change out of any option available from your skin therapist’s fingertips, so it’s one to really get excited about.

By delivering controlled trauma to the skin, a marked improvement can be seen in conditions such as scarring, pigmentation and wrinkles.

While Collagen Induction Therapy may sound daunting, the hundreds of tiny microneedles from the dermal pen make tiny pricks when passed over the skin, causing minimal discomfort.  In fact, this pen may even be used on the eye area. This process ‘tricks’ the skin into thinking that trauma has occurred, which triggers a wound response in the deeper layers of the skin.  As a response to this, skin cells to actually create new collagen and elastin along with growth factors.  What this means for you is plumper skin, increased firmness, lessened scarring and a decrease in the appearance of pigmentation as damaged skin is replaced by new, healthier skin.

As Dermalogica is all about customization, specific actives will be chosen by your skin therapist to be used during your Collagen Induction Therapy treatment, depending on what area of results you’d like to focus on.  The Dermal Pen creates temporary micro-channels whereby these advanced actives can travel down to the areas of the skin where they can create substantial change in skin behaviour. 

Expect minimal to no downtime and a continual improvement in the health and appearance of your skin as damaged skin is replaced with new tissue which has been enhanced by an increased production of your own collagen and elastin.

Book a consultation with your Skintopia Skin Therapist to find out if Collagen Induction Therapy is right for you!